Friday, March 2, 2007

Beerakaya dosa (Ridge gourd/Turai Dosa) and Travel tomato chutney

A delicious recipe, the DOSA is from my Mother-in-Law's recipe treasure box.
Tomato chutney was one of my favorites when we used to travel from Coimbatore (India) to Delhi by train for 3 days. It used to be a long trip and my mom used to pack all the food for 3 days that’s why I have named it as “Travel tomato chutney”. This Tomato Delicousy was my all time favorites as it can be eaten with Idly, dosa, puri, chapatti or rice. The chutney will stay without refrigeration for about 3 to 4 days depending on the way it’s prepared.
Even in US when we take long road trips I carry this chutney with me for idlis and puris.
We all prefer home cooked food better than anything.

Ingredients for Dosa

2 medium sized ridge gourd (beerakaya)
3 cups Idly rice (soaked overnight)
(Raw rice can be used but gives a dry finish to the dosa if prepared immediately)
Green chillis
Curry leaves
Fresh cilantro(hari dhania)

Grind all the ingredients together to prepare a dosa batter and that’s it, n’joy

Ingredients for Travel tomato

3 cups pureed tomatoes (I used the canned ones, makes job easy)
1tsp mustard seeds
1/3 tsp fenugreek
1/2tsp cumin
1/2tsp Turmeric
a pinch of Asfoetida
chilli powder and salt as per requirement
1tsp of sugar (optional)
3 tbsp oil


In a frying pan heat oil and add mustard, cumin, fenugreek and let it splutter. Then add asfoetida, the tomato puree, turmeric, chilli powder and salt. Mix them well and simmer the gas to medium. The moisture content in the puree should dry up and the oil should appear in between the puree, which means its ready.
It’s that simple!!


Padma said...

Till now, i used to make only pachadi n curry out of Beerakaya, but this is really new concept to me, thankx for opening so many avenues, I will surely try this and let you know. You made me think outside the jar!



KomChili said...

SharmiPERFECT LOOK, Came out well. Splendid JOB.
* \\\|/// *
\\ - - //
( @ @ )
| |
| Hmm mouth watering |
The Recipes and presentation is good. Great effort put in to get the preparation on to Website.

I had Sharmi's Dosa and remembered my mom's kitchen. Thanks to Sharmi on this.

An Example of a House Wife who can do many things apart from House hold responsibilites. Keep going. ;)

Thanks to the Google Blogger who provided a facility to show the TALENT of Personnel.

My applauds to you Sharmi :)

Ramya Harihar Prasad said...

Good job Yaar

naheemu said...

that s another good one from ur repertoire ....

it s yummy... mouth is watering.. vaayil kappalodikaanulla vellam undu...

when can i pass by to ur place to have these..????


KF said...

This dosa is new to me.You have a lot of sweets here.I don't want to go out of this blog..Loved ur blog very much.Ladus are perfect.With only 2 ingredients..Great!!I will comeback soon..

Rajani Rayudu said...

Hi Sharmi
Very nice recipe. Will try it some time. Thanx and welcome to blog world . Liked your Blog name too it is just perfect.

Menu Today said...

Hi Sharmi,
Ridge gourd dosa is new to me..No need for fermentation?? Thanks for sharing.

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

hey Sharmi,
This dosa isd new to me will surely try them.Looks so nice...And those tomato chutney at the side goes very well i think.Thanks for sharing

Kavitha said...

Wow!! Looks absolutely yumm =) I'm not too fond of eating Peerkangai as such, although I've wanted to include this in my cooking. May be this way it'll probably add a nice taste to the dosa batter!! Thank you for all the lovely recipes.

On another note, where are you from Sharmi?

Beyond Curries said...

It's new to me too. Beerakaya dosa. I once tried payasam with it and it was very good. Will try this dosa too. I'm bored of making the usual pachadi and kootu.

Anamika-The Nameless said...

Hi Sharmi,

I follow your posts closely. This beerakaya recipe is very interesting. I have a quick question. Will this dosa be bitter? I see that you have not skinned the beerakaya. Doesnt the skin give a bitter taste?

Sharmi said...

Hi Anamika, no the Dosa is not bitter due to skin of beerakaya.

Anamika-The Nameless said...

Yet another question! Does this work without fermentation?

Sharmi said...

yes Anamika, it works without fermentation!!

Unknown said...

Gre8...Thanks for the Beerakaya Dosa Recipe.. Explaind very well..

Anna said...

recipe is awesome.

Manasi said...

Hah! Good one. I am not a big fan of ridge gourd and this I can like to love... wiataminute, what did I just say?! Like to love! lol!
Jokes apart, I'd love to include this in my dosa list, good for me and S!

chef and her kitchen said...

nice n colorful dosa..