Friday, March 2, 2007

Masala Vada / Parupu Vadai

This is basically a dish of Tamilnadu origin which is usually made during family feasts and is served as a starter.

It is a fast and easy mouthwatering appetizer which can be made in minutes. Advantage of this recipe is that you need not search for much of ingredients in your pantry and fridge. My husband and son usually love to eat fried stuff during tea time so here is a simple one.


2 cups bengal gram/chana dal
1/2 cup chopped onions
3 green chillis
1tbsp of chopped ginger
curry leaves
oil for frying


Soak chana dal in warm water for half an hour and then grind it without adding water such that it should not become a paste. Dal should be semi ground then add the rest of the ingredients just to fold them in with the dal. Don't grind them for long. May be only for a second or two. Deep fry them in oil after making small patties and serve them hot with tomato ketchup.


Padma said...

Sharmi is a very good friend of mine, in US (home away from home). She is a really good cook and I am happy she created this blogspot for sharing all her "Secret Recipes". Sharmi, looking forward to see more and more new recipes from you. Its really an amazing job!

All the very best!


Sharmi said...

Thanks a lot Padma!!
I was really in need of that comment.
Hope you will enjoy making them

Unknown said...

hey Sharmi wow the masala vada looks so tempting.This vada is called as "Parippu Vada" in Kerala. When i saw the pics i remembered my mom's vada. Good job!! You truly did a good job in creating this blog. We all talk about it but never do it. Good start!! Keep going !! Bring more recipies to this ... will be checking back for inspirations ....


naheemu said...
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naheemu said...

Hey sharmi,

I liked the way the u have explained the recipes..i think even i can become a cook now.. ;);)

Parippu Vada - is my favorite snack with tea.. esp. my mom makes it (now my wife too) during the month of ramadan .. after breaking the fast, i usually have a cup of tea with vada .. amazing ...

good job....!!!Keep it up..!!