Saturday, March 1, 2008

Neivedyam turns "1" Today!!

Today Neivedyam is celebrating its first anniversary!!

It was a year ago, while looking for some recipes that I stumbled across the world of food blogging. I was mesmerized and stunned to see a huge community of food blogs. I did not know what blogging was or there was something called food blogging. A few weeks passed by, afternoons of discovering more and more blogs led to the day where I decided to start my own blog. I remember the first comment I got, the blood rush I had and still have, every time I get a comment. Each and every five minute I used to check for comments. Since then, it feels so good every time I hit the publish button to share my kitchen adventures with the world. I feel so overwhelmed when I hear that people are trying my recipes and enjoying them.

This journey about food blogging has been a wonderful experience and I feel happy for all that it has given me. I have met some very talented, wonderful and lovely friends. So many great cooks, delicious recipes from different continents. Apart from recipes it is wonderful to share so many other thoughts and information. I feel happy and privileged to be part of this loving community.

I thank my fellow bloggers for being so supportive no matter what. Your comments and suggestions mean a lot to me. I also thank the non-bloggers and silent visitors of Neivedyam.

The best part about this blog was when I moved to Chicago. So many friends who knew me through Neivedyam came forward to help me. They made me feel that I was not a stranger. I even got to meet a couple of them. Thanks to Desi momz club.

These days when I go through my blog, I don’t believe my eyes, that I put all this effort on each and every post!! This is because I feel really lazy to resume. I am not sure when I will be back, but will quietly keep trespassing all the blogs for its delicious treats.