Monday, January 26, 2009

Book Giveaways-Cooking for Kids-February

I am very delighted to announce that Jigyasa & Pratibha of the lovely blog Pedatha's whose food we eat... are hosting February's Cooking for Kids event. The Beautiful ingredient is "Love".

This event is hosted in lovely memory of Pedatha who passed away on Feb 20th last year. The detail of this event is here.

THE THREE BEST ENTRIES WILL WIN A PRIZE EACH…AND THE PRIZE IS - a choice between Jigyasa & Pratibha's first cookbook “Cooking at home with Pedatha” or their second cookbook “Sukham Ayu: Cooking at Home with Ayurvedic Insights”, which is being launched on Feb 11th.

So get cooking something with lots and lots of "love" and post it in your blog on the month of Feb.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cooking for Kids- Future Hosts

Here are the details of Hosts - Cooking for Kids Event.

Jan 5th to Feb 5th- Preety's Kitchen- Milk and Milk Products.

Feb 1st to Feb15th- Pedatha's whose food we eat... - cooking for kids with LOVE

Mar 1st to Apr 1st- Simple Home Cooking

Apr 1st to May 1st- Trupti's Food Corner

May 1st to June 1st- Cooking in Westchester

June 1st to July 1st- Cook's Hideout

July 1st to August 1st - easyntastyrecipes

August 1st to sep 1st- Dil Se

September 1st to October 1st - Salt to Taste

October 1st to November 1st - Kidz Delight

November 1st to December 1st - Kitchen Chronicles

January 1st to February 1st - Sara's Corner

March 1st to April 1st - Taste Buds

May 1st to June 1st- Mharo Rajasthan's Recipes
*************My best wishes to all the hosts.*************

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Moving Again!!! Need a break....

I am moving to Michigan by the end of this month. I know what you all are thinking..:) Disappearing for a year, I thought I could blog again for a while but again on a move. I feel so helpless, that too with my 6 month old little Diya.

I need help here. I want someone to host my Cooking for Kids Event for the next few months. Who ever is interested, please email me with the month in which you would like to host to I also want someone to take over January's Cooking for kids event-Milk and Milk products which ends on Feb-5th. Thanks in advance.

Hope to be back soon this time. Bye!!