Tuesday, October 2, 2012

BritanniaTreat Fruit Cream Biscuits

A lip smacking treat, Britannia Fruit Cream biscuits are deliciously flavored fruity and ice-creamy bikis. A delicious layer of ice- creamy fruit cream coupled with crispy, crunchy biscuits creates an exciting treat that promises to leave kids craving for more! Britannia Treat Fruit converts kid’s favorite ice-cream flavors - pineapple, mango, strawberry and orange, to the creamiest, softest and yummiest cream flavors packed in biscuits. The unique design of the biscuits gives a sneak peek into the delicious flavored cream, opening up a window to the ice-creamy world. Kids can now give into the temptation of having as many ice-creams as they want by gorging on Treat Fruit Cream’s lip-smacking cream biscuits. It is just what the kids ordered for – a yummy fun filled delicacy to give them more of things they love! Kids can now dive straight into the four awesome combos of fruit and ice-cream flavored cream biscuits and cherish the never-before-experience of enjoying mouthfuls of delight…all bundled into one explosive, eye-popping pack of Britannia Treat Fruit Cream!

About Treat: Since its launch in 2002, Treat has been one of the best loved brands by children all over India. They have always relished unravelling the irresistibly, delicious cream hidden inside each Treat biscuit – and this time they have unique fruit flavored creams to top it off!

When I got this Treat Fruit cream Biscuits , It was a true treat. The cream inside the biscuit was not dry but tasted fresh and creamy. I did not have enough biscuits to click pics:) Not only my kids but even elders in the family enjoyed the Treat:)

Party Ideas - It can be served during birthday parties instead of chips and fries! I created a center piece of these Biscuits with different flavours along with chocolates, cheese cubes, cherry tomatoes.
You can also use strawberries, blueberries, candies and many more for a party! Kids would love it!

Another Party idea is to make butterscotch or vanilla sauce. Kids would like to dip the biscuits in their favourite flavour and then use some colourful sprinkles, gems and chopped cherries to decorate them. They can do this before the party like a cooking session for the kids! This can be refrigerated before biting into crunchy goodness. serve these quick bites with banana smoothie to up the health quotient!!