Thursday, September 6, 2007


Lord Krishna with Mother Yashoda

Lord Krishna lifting Govardhana Hill

Radha & Krishna

Mother Yashoda chasing Lord Krishna

Janmashtami is the birthday of Lord Krishna. According to the Hindu lunar calendar, Lord Krishna was born on the eighth day (ashtami) of the second (dark) fortnight of the month of Shravana. Read more about it Here.

I made 2 varieties of Seedai (Tamil). It is called Paalakayalu in Telugu. Seedai are small rice flour balls deep fried in oil. One is a sweet version known as vellam(jaggery) seedai and the savory version is called the uppu (salt) seedai.
The uppu seedai is inspired from Menu Today's blog.

Uppu Seedai


1 cup Rice Flour
1 tbsp Urad Flour
2 tbsp Butter
dash of asafoetida
1 tsp cumin seeds
1 tsp Sesame seeds
1 tbsp Grated Coconut
Water to knead
Oil to deep fry


Dry roast the rice flour in a deep bottomed pan for 10 minutes on medium low heat. Keep tossing it continously so that it does not get burnt. Let it cool. Add all the other ingredients except oil and make a pliable dough.
Make small balls as shown in the picture. Deep fry them till golden brown.
If you are trying this for first time please be careful as the seedais burst out in the oil. Be away from the oil. If the dough is soft and has enough butter it will not burst.

Vellam Seedai


1cup rice flour
1tbsp urad flour
3-4 tbsp jaggery

1/2 tsp crushed cardamom
2 tbsp butter
1 tsp grated coconut
1tsp sesame seed
water to knead
oil for deep frying


The procedure is same as that for uppu seedai. Except that, jaggery is melted and mixed to the rice flour. You can see the picture of both the dough. The light colored is the uppu seedai dough and dark colored is the vellam seedai.Deep fry till golden brown.

Neivedyam to Lord Krishna, Butter, Uppu and vellam seedai.

I was not able to do this post in time because of the JFI hangover:)

I have been showered with so much of love from my fellow bloggers in the form of awards. I thank you all so much for giving it to me. I am honoured.

The Rockin girl award is given to me by Kajal, Archana, Tee, Sukanya, Saju, Manasi and Seec.

This award is given by Raaga, Chandrika, Tee, Archana, Laavanya, Kajal, Srivalli, Pravs and Sandeepa.

This award is given with lot of love by Sobila. Thanks so much again!!

This post goes to Janmashtami event hosted by Latha of The Yum Blog.


Latha said...

Hey Sharmi,
Lovely lovely pictures of Yashoda and krishna! And u're altar looks so divine and cute! Unfortunately i did not do anything for janmashtami, was too busy at work to do anything on a weekday night! But i'm enjoying the yummy seedai's from u're blog! Have not had these since ages!

Laavanya said...

Your seedais are such beauties and look so perfect.

Pragyan said...

They look so much like gulab jamuns..will try this. Thanks :)

Sreelu said...

Sharmi, such beautiful pics and your krisha looks beautiful too. I should make venna undalu some time

Anh said...

Sharmi, what beautiful seedais! I have never tried them before, but now I want!

J said...

Nice pictures Sharmi. And cheedai too.

Rajitha said...

cheedais look delicious and golden...yummy!

Tee said...

The Pictures are so beautuiful! T first, i thought that they were gulab jamuns, but then I realized that they are seedais...they looks so perfect and appetizing!

musical said...


That was a beautiful collection of Yashoda and Krishna pictures! and i love the uppu seedai! yummy yummy! and really perfect beauties :).

Cynthia said...

I enjoyed these pictures and always appreciate you sharing a little of your faith with us.

archana said...

Pictures are excellent, and seedai looks nice :)The picture of Yashoda and Krishna is very pretty :)

Prema Sundar said...

Nice pictures of baby krishna. seedais have turned out really well sharmi.
I have sent u a mail regarding adirasams sharmi.Iam really sorry that it did not turn out well. but preaparing the dough for adhirasam is really a tough one and so do not give it up.. try it in small amts whenever u can.. u will surely get it one day..

Srivalli said...

Lovely pictures sharmi,...its so nice to see them!

Apple said...

Lovely pics Sharmi..Looks so divine...seedais look perfect...

Raaga said...

lovely pictures and beautiful seedais. Maybe I should try someday Sharmi... have never bothered.

sra said...

Those seedais look perfect, Sharmi!

Roopa said...

sharmi what a lovely picture and the seedais look fabulous.


what perfect little balls have u made...these are the best looking seedais i have come across till date introducedc to seedais in the blogosphere ..recently only ..will try them sometime ...

FH said...

Beautiful pics of Krishna Sharmi. Seedais look wonderful girl, good job:))

Menu Today said...

Hi Sharmi,
Your seedai came out very well.
Thanks for mentioning.Nice presentation.

Rachna said...

hey sharmi....happy janamashtami... lovely lovely pics of krishna... i really gotta make these seedais, they are all over the blogosphere... yours seems the most easiest recipe to try....

Swaruchy said...

Excellent post Sharmi......Loved every bit of it...Loved the Krishna photos.....and your paalakayalu look yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :-)
Nice one dear :-)

Bong Mom said...

Loved those sweets, looks like gulab jamun. Did you dress up your son too ? How was school for him ?

Boo hoo Sharmi... I gave you an award too, how did you miss :(

Finla said...

Beautiful pictures.
After seeing your collective posts i am not surprised you had a hangover.
Your seedais look delicious.

Coffee said...

Such a beautiful post that was!! Loved all the pics and the seedais look absolutely cute!! :)

TBC said...

Beautiful pics, Sharmi!
I like your jaggery seedai more than the salt-seedai. But alas! this sounds like something I wouldn't make 'cos it's a little too elaborate for me:-(. I wish someone would make 'em for me.

Kribha said...

Lovely pictures. Your seedai's are making me drool. Your neivedyam looks so divine. superb!!!

Padma said...

Lovely pics Sharmi, and those paalakayalu looks awesome. I never tasted them before. Seedai are simply gorgeous looking sweet balls, I guess similar to Gulab jamuns, I felt

Pravs said...

Beautiful pics !! Seedai looks so good. Have not tried this sweet. But i like sweets made with jaggery. will have to try it. Congrats on the awards !

timepass said...

The pics of the cheedai are lovely especially the vella cheedai..

Lisa Turner said...

What a lovely post. Those look delicious!

Richa said...

it's raining seedai's, they look so cute :) would like to try the vellam sometime!
i know what u mean @ the hangover, phew! isn't it something!! Meeta has a fantastic solution, single entry per blog & unique entry per event, but afcourse it depends on what the host wants ;)

Nanditha Prabhu said...

beautiful pictures.. i have always loved the second one .. yashoda and krishna's.
your seedais are tempting!
i am blogrolling u , ok?

Viji said...

Lovely post Sharmit. So divine. They are looking great. Viji

Latha Narasimhan said...

Lovely pictures of Krishna and yashoda!Seedais are great!

Latha Narasimhan said...

Oh! Forgot something! Congrats for those awards, you deserve more awards for such a wonderful roundup! Sharmi< i always wanted to thankyou for the lovely santoor music i hear in your blog!

renuka said...

hi sharmi lovely photos and recipe.congrats on your awards

Bharathy said...

LOveeeely pics of Lord Krishna!!!Sooooo divine..

Both the seedais Look Perfect!!

Had bitter exp with uppu still not able to proceed!
Tried Vella seedai...but flopped...the vellam was more and it started peeling out in hot oil..

Neivedyam looks sooooo divine as well!!

Did janmashtami and the JFI Grand round up all together..See how samrt this girl is!!!!!

sunita said...

Lovely pics...and the seedais look great as well.

Namratha said...

For a second I thought these were Gulab jamoons..hehe...they look delicious..I've never tried this before. Congrats on the awards, you so deserve them:)

Rajesh &Shankari said...

I am lurker in your blog and just love drooling at all the pictures. I have never seen seedai looking this perfect.

Kajal said...

Hi Rockin’Girl,

Happy Janmashtami my dear.......Love your all photo and especially love mother Yashoda chasing Lord Krishan photo. Both salted and sweet recipe is new for me and you made with passion my dear. Thanks for sharing..........I also give this best blogger#1 award.

Great post of Janmashtami.

Thistlemoon said...

Beautiful pictures!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Prajusha said...

Beautiful pics of Krishna.
Seedais looks nice.

Anonymous said...

Happy Janmashtami to you Sharmi and wow for doing such elaborate puja preparations.

We just fasted and visited temple.

And yeah I went through your last post too and just looking at those yummy dishes were tiring, how did you all managed to cook them. but I am definitely taking a few recipies from there to try them sometime soon :-)

Savithri said...

Happy Janmashtami to you! Lovely post and your seedai look wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharmi,
Both seedais came out very well. The pictures of Lord Krishna, you have collected are beautiful. I have started my new blog recently. If you find time please visit:

Bhawna said...

Very nice Pictures, Mandir picture is so welcoming, away from home but seeing your pictures bring back all the festivity of the festival.

Seena said...

Lovely seedais, are your recipes from Tamil cuisine?

Sharmi said...

Nanditha, thanks for blog rolling:)

Thanks so much for the award Kajal!

Vijaya, sure thing!!

Seena, this one is a Tamil cuisine. but my blog is not specific about Tamil cuisine alone. It represents Indian cuisine. thanks.

Mansi said...

Beautiful!! I just love the pictures Sharmi!! so serene, and great expressions:)

Congrats for all the well-deserved awards too!

Chef Jeena said...

Lovely recipes Sharmi I love the pictures. :)

swapna susarla said...

Hi sharmi
the pictures are so beautifull!!!the krishna padalu(foot) are really good.We won't do this much for janmastami.The seedai looks awesome!!

swapna susarla said...

Congrats for the awrds girl!!!keep it up!!

Vijiram said...


Your blog is wonderful. You deserve these awards.


Shella said...

Congrats on the award Sharmi, though I am a little late. But you well deserved the same. YOu have a wonderful blog here.

SeeC said...

Lovely pictures with cute cheedai.

I always wanted to tell you this, but then I forget it everytime. I like the color of your page and the picture on the right hand corner. Suits very well.

Sankari said...


Ur seedai's look so perfect. It made me to cook as soon as i saw that. Unfortunately, I was not lucky enough....:(
While I was preparing, one or few seedai(s) burst and the oil spilled on my hand and little bit on my face and all over the kitchen...even to the roof(!).

I'm not sure what was wrong...when i told my friends that I prepared sedai and it happened, they all said, generally sedai's burst cud you pls put a note asking people to be very careful.

Hey, I'm not complaining abt ur blog...just a caution for beginers like me. I absolutely lovely ur blog.

(Advance) Happy new Year !!!

Sharmi said...

Dear Sankari,
I am so sorry to hear that you had an accident while making sedai. How is your hand and face?
When I made seedai for first time something similar happened. but the second time all was fine because the dough was soft and should have enough butter. the balls should not be too tight.
will surely warn about this in my blog. Hope you are feeling better.
please do take care
I am typing it here because I could not reach your blog.

Sankari said...


I'm doing good now. Thanks for asking..I don't have blog..Just visit any good blogs and try out the items..thats it..:)

I think my dough was bit thick :(
Ok thanks for the update....

Happy new Year to you and ur family.

Unknown said...

Very nice pictures..

Happy Janmashtami 2009

hits4pay said...

Happy Janmashtami 2009 !!

Sarah Jo said...

Hi Sharmi its awesome