Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tangy Ripe Mango Curry and Mango Kulfi

Mango curry with rice

Chilled Mango Kulfi

The ripe mango curry is a authentic Tamil cuisine called the mampaza puli milagai kulambu in Tamil. First time tried it and it’s a great hit.

1 Ripe Mango
1cup Shallots/ red onions
lemon size Tamarind in 1cup water
1 cup chopped tomato / puree
½ teaspoon Turmeric
2 tsp chilli powder/ 4 green chillies

For Roasting and Grinding
½ tsp Fenugreek seeds
½ tsp Cumin
1tsp raw rice
1tsp Chana dal (Bengal gram dal)

For Tempering
1tsp Mustard seeds
½ tsp Fenugreek seeds
Curry leaves

Roast the ingredients in a pan till slight brown, without adding oil. Grind and keep aside.
In a deep bottomed pan add 3tbsp oil and tamper with mustard, fenugreek and curry leaves. To this add onions and sauté well. Now add tamarind water, turmeric, Salt, chillipowder or green chillies. Depends on how spicy you want it to be.
After a boil on medium heat add tomato puree and bring to boil. At last add mango pieces and bring to boil for 1 minute. Add the ground powder, mix well and serve hot with rice.

Mango Kulfi
1cup evaporated milk or full cream milk
1cup ripe mango
½-1 cup Sugar
1tsp green cardamom powder
1/4 cup milk powder
2 tsp pistachios and almonds crushed

In a thick bottomed pan add full cream milk or evaporated milk and bring to boil in medium. If its full cream milk it has to boil for about 20-25 minutes. For evaporated milk, once it gets heated milk powder and sugar is added and stirred well so that no lumps are formed.
Stir till the mixture reaches a custard consistency. To this add cardamom powder. Remove from the flame and let it cool.
After the mix has cooled add mango pieces and just blend in the blender for not more then 2-3 seconds so as the mango gets mixed well. Also add crushed pistachios and almonds.
Pour this mixture in any kind of molds you want. I used simple ice try to get beautiful squares. Let them get set in the freezer for about 5-6 hours. Garnish them with almond slices and pistachios. Serve chilled.
oops!! I forgot to garnish!!!!

Both of these dishes go to AFAM by Deepa of Recipes N More.

Some Lovely flowers of Spring captured in my neighbourhood. click on the pics to get its real view and beauty.

My Baby beans slowly lifting its head.

The Lake is very close to my place and is a county park.


Roopa said...

wonderfull photos sharmi! so the sring is in air at your side.

The mango curry and kulfi is looking so yummy delicious....

Chris said...

Looks like someone else is crazy about mango! Yum! With these recipes, I need to go buy another box!

archana said...

Sharmi your photos are too good. The mango colour is matching with the colour of your blog. The rice ball is looking so cute and snow white topped with the mango piece.
Just awesome.Can't take my eyes off the bloom on the trees.Kulfi and curry recipes are nice.

Anh said...

Beautiful! You make me really hungry now. ANd I am so envious with the pics of spring! In Melbourne it has bee cold and rainy :(

Sia said...

ok...u have succeded in making me hungry... perfect recipes for making everyone drool:) no one can resist the temptation when it comes to mangoes:) i am running to my kitchen now to grab some mangoes(i have got bog box of alphanso;)....
lovely spring snaps too... will check them in detail later. first i have to have a mango now:)

sra said...

Great photos, Sharmi! Do you mean a green mango gone ripe or a yellow mango, like Banginapalli? It looks like a green mango in your pics.

Gattina Cheung said...

you have an eye for beauty!!! This mango curry just sounds sooo good! And that dessert is absolutely scumptous!

FH said...

Mango curry looks great and so is Mangi Kulfi.
Love the Spring pics:))

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Lovely mango dishes, Sharmi!! I liked the ripe mango curry, esp!! :)

Mishmash ! said...

Loved the spring shots :) buuutiful :) and for my mango love, i think i will settle with mango kulfi :D


Bong Mom said...

Never had Mango curry, this look so good that I am sure going to try it. And the die for

BTW I didn't see your post on Food Blog Desam, did I miss it ?

Bong Mom said...


Food Blog Desam is an RSS aggregator. Details about it are here:

Your Blog is listed...I missed it yesterday. Don't worry. As soon as you do a post the Food Blog desam gets updated.

Sharmi said...

thanks dear friends. hope all of you liked it.

Dear Sra, You really made me think on that question. I think it is green mangoes gone ripe. but not too green you know. LOL I hope you are getting me. I bought ripe mangoes which looked half green and half yellow. don't know which family they are though. sorry. it is no harm until they are not very juicy.

Kribha said...

Absolute treat Sharmi. Mango curry and kulfi looks lip smacking good. One question. Can we use mango puree instead of real mangoes for making kulfi? Pictures of your neighborhood looks great. I'm sure you'll be enjoying the lake view daily.

Richa said...

ur colorful dishes look so yummy! nice to know you tried this traditional dish. you are so right, spring does bring in such lovely colors :) beautiful pics!

Unknown said...

lovely post sharmi..I never heard of ripe mango curry only have tried my hands on unripe mangoes..maye be I should give it a try..i love mangoes...and the kulfi looks melt in mouth..

Enjoy the spring dear ..its so beautiful with flowers blossoming around

Manasi said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaah!! this is so tempting!! ~slurp~!!!!! and love the flower pix too.... 'scuse me, going back to drool over the mango feasts!!!

Pelicano said...

Hey Sharmi!
I thought I'd stop by to see what beauty you have captured here; I am not disappointed! :-)

Your mango curry looks divine; I have eaten a similar dish and rice is the perfect complement to set the aroma free... The kulfi I am drooling over, as I am in a great need of such a sweet right now; I'll try this!

Those first pics of flowers are "flowering crab-apples" and are something I look forward to every year! If I had my way, I would have the whole yard planted with a small forst of them! ;-)

Pelicano said...


Cynthia said...

Oh Sharmi, this is such a lovely post. I haven't had mango curry in a long time. I'll have to make some soon. Thanks for the inspiration.

The Mango Kulfi - first time I heard of it but it sounds like something I would like so I've bookmarked the recipe to try it. Thanks.

The flowers and other pics are so full of life. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

I don't use mango nearly as much as I should in my cooking. I should give some of these recipes a try. :)

bee said...

what fabulous recipes, sharmi. coul you please contact indira or mathy so that your posts show up on food blog desam?

Rajani Rayudu said...

Hi Sharmi,
Very yummy kulfi indeed! I too make kulfi with mango pulp. It tastes great too. I am waiting for your jackfruit biriyani, Tasted a while ago in my friend's place. But never attempted to try. Thanks for checking on me. Bit busy :-).


Rajani Rayudu said...
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Deepa said...

excellent ones....awesome ..curry and the dessert ..too good ....see you on sunday...have a great weekend

Viji said...

So mango season is on and there are many mango dishes around the blog. Very nice Sharmi and mouth watering. The spring flowers are beautiful. Viji

Chef Jeena said...

Hi Sharmi, nice recipes I have never made kulfi before yours loooks delicious, your pics are beautiful too:)

Suganya said...

Excellent Photos sharmi. Superb recipe. Kulfi is mouth watering. I love all ur recipes.

sunita said...

Both the dishes look great...the mango curry is new for me...thanks...

Saju said...

Great pictures, Sharmi! I have never tried mango curry, it looks amazing.

Kajal said...

Hi sharmi,
Lovely post my dear I am little busy with some work but I am here for you.
After a long time But I miss so many things......Wonderful entry for tamil cuisine.
I like your mango Kulfi, so I take one pieces.
Great pic of spring flower and lake, all this is near to your home than you are lucky for that.
Enjoy your weekend with lots of fun.:)

KF said...

Thank U,I was little busy with my kids dear.Your Kulfi is so tempting!!Lovely pictures..I like curries with mango..and those flowers are really beautiful...U people are lucky to have good flowers in your neighbourhood,U know here We are staying in the middle of Used cars u can guess the situation..Now summer started with temp above 40 degree. said...


The mango recipes look absolutely delicious. And the pictures of all the flowers are gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

wow....what a feast of colours...i love mangos...what a wonderful post...thanks for sharing

Mandira said...

wonderful photos sharmi. The mango curry looks yum, our favorite thai restaurant here makes great tofu mango curry!

Inji Pennu said...

What a lovely blog your have Sharmi! I was just checking it out! Wow!

Shivapriya said...

Beautiful pictures, Everything I come to ur blog my fav will be there:).
Love kulfi and curry .

Menu Today said...

Hi Sharmi,

This curry is new to me. I will try this for sure. Beautiful pictures, Thanks

Radha said...

i love mango kulfis!!! Yummmm!!
Great photos Sharmi!

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hey now this is simple a feast.wish you had invited me.Love the presentaion of these devine dishes in the banana leave in a tradtional way.The purse and show pieces are so cute.Love each and every bit of this post.Really tempting.

Creativecook said...


I love your comments on my blog. As for the photographs and food on your blog, they look so enticing.

Beautiful Spring pictures.


Vini K said...

Wow,lots of stuff going on here!and what a nice and memorable trip to Andhra and back to your country park lake!Loved the pictures.beautifully presented,Sharmi!