Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Punjabi Kadi

Kadi is one recipe, which sounds simple to make but only the right amount of all the ingredients can make a perfect kadi and bring out the real taste. I had this Punjabi kadi in India long back. After that I recently had it at a restaurant where the chef who made it was a sardar himself. Oh my!! The taste was heavenly and so good that I could have the kadi simply without any rice or roti. I owner of the restaurant passed by us asking if everything was fine and I thought this is the chance to make the right move and asked him for the kadi recipe but that guy was too clever!! He said that I would have to join the cooking class offered by them, where they teach 2 recipes a month for $ 40 to learn about the kadi.I know you guys are laughing out loud there.
It was not over. I still was bent upon knowing the recipe and asked him “ do you mix up all the ingredients and the start boiling it on the stove top? Did you add spinach to the pakodis? And so on… you know how that guy answered “ehhh ya something like that and ya something like this” hmmmm I thought!! What a Guy??!!!!

I am very lazy at making deep fried stuff, so I usually make plain kadi, not with the pakodis. This is my first effort to bring out the original Punjabi kadi but the taste wasn’t absolutely the same. It is my first contribution to Nupur's A-Z of Indian Vegetables. "K" for Kadi!!

Ingredients for Pakodis

2 cup Besan (chickpea flour)
½ tsp Ajawain
1cup chopped onions
1tsp kasuri methi
½ tsp chilli powder
1tsp cummin powder
chopped spinach (optional)
Oil for deep-frying

Ingredients for the kadi

2-cup yogurt
1cup water
½ cup besan
1tsp chilli powder
1tsp turmeric powder
1tsp Cummin powder

For tempering

2tbsp oil
½ tsp cumin seeds
½ tsp fenugreek seeds
Pinch of Asafoetida
Dry chillies (optional)


For pakodis mix up all the ingredients with water in to a batter consistency. In a deep frying pan heat oil and make small pakodis and keep aside.

For making kadi, mix water to the yogurt and dilute it into buttermilk consistency. Add besan, turmeric, salt, cummin powder and chilli powder to it. Bring this mix to a boil on medium heat. If the kadi gets too thick, water can be added to dilute it. Once the kadi comes to a good boil, remove it from stove and add the pakodis and temper it with the given ingredients.
This is how I made it. If anyone has a better recipe please help me improve it.

I am going on a trip for the long weekend to this place, so taking a small blog break. I will catch up with you all after a week. Wish you all a happy weekend and Happy Easter.


Rajani Rayudu said...

Hi Sharmi,
Very clever guy indeed. Haha.....
Nice looking kadhi. Enjoy your holiday and Happy Easter!
rajani said...

I love kadi!!! Such a delicious dish, and your pictures look great. Nice reference recipe!

Pravs said...

kadi looks yum !
Have a good time @ the place you are visiting.

Isabelle said...

That looks delicious. I wish deep frying was less of a hassle too. I wonder if kadi can be found at Chennai Garden in Manhattan.

Roopa said...

hi Sharmi
The kadhi is looking very delicious!
Enjoy your weekend

Sabita Sagi said...

kadi luks delicious...thanx for ur comments...will b adding recipes regularly keep visiting....
have a gr8 weekend....

Shilpa said...

Sounds like a family secret kind of recipe, heh heh... can't blame the guy for being so secretive, but thanks for sharing! Me too, I get lazy with deep-frying because it's such a chore to clean up, but this looks really delicious! I'm very interested in Punjabi dishes, I haven't made many of them, so this is a good addition to my cookbook! :)

sunita said...

Sharmi, the kadi looks absolutely delicious...

Have a nice holiday.

Sia said...

you going to iskon? wow...
yummy kadi. i am on kadi spree now;)
have fun dear... will cath u after easter:)

Padma said...

I always loved this kadi....whenever I feel lazy cooking i do this...Nice post n pics...good work Sharmi...

Padmaja said...

hi sharmi
i had this many times at my friend's place but never attempted but will try this time!!!
and btw enjoy u'r holiday and happy easter

FH said...

Oh goodie!:)) I love Kadhi and I am making Gujju Kadhi later.Looks yum,thanks.

Mishmash ! said...

I started seeing this type of Kadhi only after I started blogging, the first one was at Prav's Simply Spicy I guess. Wish I could taste it too.

Hey Pray for all of us too :)


Chef Jeena said...

Hey Sharmi, I have never seen a dish like this before it looks and sounds lovely- I bet you can cook just as good as that chef :) Have a nice holiday :)

Deepa Hari said...

Hi Sharmi,
Khadi looks yum...but never tasted one before...will try it...Happy Holidays.


Priya Bhaskaran said...

Sharmi, this dish is totally new to me..I know Pakodi....Punjabi kadi never tasted nor heard....atlast you made the recipe--ha ha ....have a nice trip:)

Shivapriya said...

My all time favorite.

Ranjani said...

looks yummy :) i have made this one a long time back ..My hubby didn't enjoy the pakodas in the kadi ..he said next time make it seperate & we will eat it seperate:))(yup we are south indians)
so did u join the 40$ course for 2 recipes;)

USHA said...

Punjabi Kadi looks delicious...Enjoy your vacation and come back with bang Sharmi...

Bong Mom said...

We make Kadhi and I love it. But the Kasuri Methi seems a nice touch, shall add that next time

Have fun Sharmi at WV

Reena said...

Kadi to swadisht hai kudiye!!! Enjoy your holidays.

Nupur said...

Forget the restaurant, your kadi looks amazing! Thanks for sharing (much more generously than that restaurant owner!) and participating :)

Richa said...

i like all kinds of kadhi and always make the pakoda in a large quantity ;-)
enjoy ur wknd.

Seema Bhat said...

Sharmi ,your blog is developing so well girl. In a short short time you have come up with a beautiful looking very interesting recipes. Now I am gonna ask where in NJ are you ? I am on my way to have this Punjabi kadi. Loved the recipe.

Viji said...

Nice looking Kadi and pakodas. Viji

LERA said...

Kadi looks delicious! lovely treat for the easter dinner ,sharmi,Thanks for sharing!

Kajal said...

Hi Sharmi,
Good recipe. I do not like curd or buttermilk but I love Kadi very much.
Nice presentation.
Enjoy weekend.:)

Menu Today said...

I love thick version of Pubjabi Khadi.. Looks great. thanks for sharing.

Sharmi said...

Thank you so much Rajani, Kanchana,and Pravs.

Welcome Michelle, How do I get to your blog?

thanks Roopa and Sabita.

Dear Shilpa, Ya I too feel lazy to do deep frying stuff but enjoy eating. Try this it tastes great. thank you.

Sharmi said...

Thanks Suni.

Ya Sia ISCON. Thanks dear.

Thanks Padma.

Thanks Padma, try it, its pretty easy.

Thanks Asha.

Hey Shn, did pray for all. Thanks dear.

Thank You so much Jeena, Deepa, Priya and ShivaPriya.

Sharmi said...

hey Ranjani, in south too Kadi is made but called with different name like Majjiga pulusu in telugu or mor kulambu in tamil. No Not by any chance I am learning their recipes.

Thanks a lot Usha, Sandeepa, Reena, Nupur and Richa.

Sharmi said...

Dear Seema, Thanks so much and Hugs to you. I am really carried away by your compliments:)) I live in Randolph and have mentioned this in your blog. I will be very happy if you visit. its 1hr drive from your place.

Thanks a lot Viji, Lera, Kajal and MT.

Linda said...

Hi Sharmi, dont laugh but I might pay $40 for a lesson in cooking this way! Your photos are great and the recipe so tempting -- thanks for sharing :)

Mandira said...

Sharmi - your kadhi looks like the real deal, the one I ate in my neighbour's house! Thanks for the recipe, will surely try this soon.

Mahek said...

i found out about your blog thro nupurs blog
you have a great blog and i am going to go thro the whole blog soon
the kadhi looks so yummy i am waiting to make it and gobble it up.

Maneka Nirmal said...

just loved it..nice recipe sharmi..thanks

Prema Sundar said...

Kadi looks good. sounds somewhat similar to morkuzhambu.

Raji said...

thats great recipes
esp i never tried brussel sprouts in that manner
need to give it a try though ;)